Our safety assessment process is designed to ensure that our consumers can trust and rely on the products we make.

If any step in our process fails, it’s back to the drawing board.
1. Suppliers
Safety starts with our suppliers. That’s why our sourcing and quality assurance teams thoroughly vet our suppliers and only accept vendors that meet our standards for cosmetic personal care products.
2. Ingredients
Ingredients must pass rigorous safety and quality requirements. Our safety, stewardship, and raw material, regulatory affairs, and quality groups ensure that the quality, purity, and manufacturing of our ingredients meet government regulations, industry standards, and our own internal policies.
3. Formulas
Having high quality ingredients is a good start, but it’s equally important that they are used appropriately, at the right proportions, and prepared in a way to bring out the best of each ingredient. Our formulators are a key part of this process to anticipate potential issues, likely or unlikely, before finalizing the formula.
4. Simulations
This is where product design meets real life. Our medical teams focus is to reproduce how our products will be used before the it goes to the stores and into your homes. Our products must pass our laboratory simulated use test and our home use test which rely on actual users.
5. Ongoing evaluation
Even when our products are available online or in your local store, our work still isn’t done. We monitor new information and also welcome your feedback. We use this information to refine and continually improve our safety and care processes.
Safety Assessment

Take a closer look at how our safety assessment process helps create the products you trust.